Welcome to The Ecstatic Life Support Experience,

Where you will receive 9 months of Being intimately held in a cocoon of Love, as I midwife you for a full birthing cycle in your evolutionary journey of emergence.

This level of commitment to your transformation will assure that you are fully embodied and solidly anchored in a more expanded and true version of you on the other side of this birth portal. Life will be opening itself to you in new and wondrous ways that you may not have even allowed your Self to imagine as possible!  

In this deep dive together, I will Be holding the mirror with unwavering steadiness for you to see your Self more clearly than you ever have before, allowing whatever is no longer relevant to easily fall away so that you may authentically and consistently embody your full potential and live Life turned on and engaged from here!

This is not your average coaching program, where you receive great advice for you to apply to your Life. Rather, this is profound portal that we open together for you to experience direct contact with your Essence and begin bringing it all the way down into your body to seamlessly blend with your humanity, so that every aspect of your Life reorganizes to reflect this core alignment with who you really Are.

We will weave what you receive in the expansions into your every day rhythms through very practical and grounded methods of cultivation and integration, supporting you to show up with greater potency, pleasure and effectiveness in this earthly realm as you live your unique gifts into their full expression.

If you are ready to dissolve the facades and identities that you’ve been living behind and embody the Truth of who you Are, then you are definitely in the right place!

This in-depth transformational experience includes the following services;

  • 2 one-hour personal Skype sessions each month where we’ll get to dive into any area needing extra support, clarity or inspiration, with recordings and recommended resources sent to your inbox within 24 hours. 


  • Customized practices designed to address what you are working with, to support the shifting of current patterns present, deepening in your embodiment, expanding your capacity to experience pleasure, and integrating all aspects into wholeness.


  • Up to two 15-minute SOS calls each month, for those moments when you need an extra boost of inspiration or clarity to help keep you aligned and on track.


  • Personal email access to me to check in between sessions and receive additional support as needed.


  • Daily focused vibrational transmissions to stabilize the coherence of your Field, creating a greater ease of access for you to tap the wisdom available in your core and to aid the graceful emergence of your fullest expression.

The investment for this truly Life changing experience is $9000.

Two options of payment are available to you; either split into 9 payments of $1000 per month,

or receive a substantial discount of $3000 off the entire package by paying $6000 in full up front!


You can choose Option Two, which offers a more spaciously held container~ including All of the above, 

with One Skype session per month (rather than two) for $5000

split into 9 payments of $555, or receive a discount of $1000 by paying $4000 in full!


What is it really worth for you to embody your full potential in this Life?

Are you ready to go all in for your Self and find out?

Reflections from others who have made the leap and said yes to transforming through this journey with me:


Working with Amber Hartnell has been life-changing.  I say this simple statement because I genuinely cannot think of anything more accurate or impactful. Her very essence is love and expansion and to have that essence focused on you directly is enough to elevate anyone to a higher state of expression.  I will not go into the particulars of the treatment itself, as I have a strong knowing that each session is as individual as the person being treated.  I will, however expound upon the overwhelming growth that has come from such a masterful application of profound healing.

In more ways than I thought possible I have seen this emergence of love in it’s truest form (aka the absence of judgment) permeating my daily life.  I have tried to describe Amber in the past as a channel for divine love…but the more I sit with this, the more it falls short. Not only a channel, she also acts as a mirror to the divine within whomever she is helping.  

The sacred awe that would threaten to ecstatically annihilate anyone standing in the presence of, say, a Buddha is revealed to be originating from within.  It is this ability to project one’s own godliness back at them that makes Amber Hartnell such an important gift to this world.  It is the most healing gift one can ever be given.  To know that a person exists who can do this gives an extra dimension to this life experience for me.  To be given a glimpse of that for which we all strive and seek is beyond any form of material value. It is priceless. For anyone new to her work, I would say only this: Go.  Just go. I have never been so confident in recommending anything in my life.

Antony Galvan – AthunderousSilence.com

"Amber is an exquisite embodiment of Divine love. I am so very blessed to be receiving her Ecstatic Life Support Coaching program at the moment; within this beautiful portal of held love, I am experiencing myself transforming.

Amber's ability to hold such a truly coherent field of love is in and of itself transformational. At this present time I am diving deep into my darkest depths, with such ease and grace, remembering in each moment how to let go further into the truth of who I am, into the love that I am.

Meeting with Amber is a truly life changing experience, where I am learning to fall into the exquisite arms of love, drinking in the pure golden nectar that is forever present and receiving the nourishment that has always been available. I am overflowing with gratitude and love for this beautiful women.

Saying Yes to this portal of beauty and undoing is one of the best investments I have ever made and the ripple effects of this choice will continue out far further than I could ever have imagined. Amber is truly a magical blessing to all life!"

Layla May

“Working and being with Amber is like taking a bath in Oxytocin. The pure love and joy she exudes and shares so generously can have mind altering and life changing effects on you. Amber has the unique ability to hold the clear presence of love and understanding while guiding you along to what is really best for you.

The key to working with Amber is to ask her for what help, insights or guidance you need; to invite her in. She draws from a vast resource of her personal life, raising herself at an early age, becoming a healthy adult, being a wife, a mother for two boys, all while being a transformational catalyst and social master in the world. Amber’s gift is her ability to draw on the wisdom of all ages. The knowing comes from deep within her.

Amber is a passionate, liberated, fully empowered, highly intelligent and fully capable woman. I trust her with my life. She lives her life riding on the razor’s edge of inspiration and creativity yet somehow manages to run a highly organized and coherent home for her family, and hold grounded space for her clients, friends and loved ones.

I’ve seen Amber in high intensity challenges and I’ve watched her remain present and self-aware, while respectful and considerate to all parties involved. She is an inspiration and a role model for those looking to step out of the old and into the new. But for this you must want to choose health and freedom above all else. She invites, inspires and ignites nothing less.”

Cass Phelps

"Amber's presence blesses the collective of humanity in the same way that nature possesses the power to restore herself anywhere on earth. I am reminded of the way tender new blades of grass have the delicate power to push through pavement and bring life to areas that once appeared to be lifeless.

She is a visionary who truly sees beauty and love pulsating in all things and uses her power with great integrity to awaken the dormant potential of hearts and empower the inner chambers of creative consciousness which have been shrouded and forgotten within the fog of spiritual amnesia prevalent today. 

Her offering is ripe for the times we are in and her ability to attune her guidance to meet each individual where they most need to be met is a testimony to her deep surrender to the masterful design of life. Among the very few people who I call upon for guidance and counsel, Amber is a star in my sky and I trust her hearts intention with out a second thought!"

Michelle Kailash Deslandes

“I really cherish opportunities to fast-track my evolution and I sought support from Amber because I was experiencing stagnation and disconnection in my body around my reproductive organs that was lingering from layers of old traumas that I had been healing for several years.

Through conscious breath, activated awareness and movement practices as well as the evolved wisdom of Amber’s guidance, I was able to carve new pathways that have since created a remarkable shift in my sense of self that includes notable improvement in my vitality, my sexuality, my capacity for pleasure, my relationship with my body, the level of intimacy with my husband and I know this is all contributing to creating an optimal space for child conception.

I feel so grateful to have these practical tools that have really enhanced my life and launched me to that next level. Thank you from the core of my heart Amber!”

Celeste Morris

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