This body, heart and soul quenching audio offering, Reset to Essence, is gift that will keep on giving. In it you will find a 15 minute guided journey which will support you to effortlessly dissolve and discharge tension, open to receive core level nourishment and allow Essence to more fully incarnate into your body as you ground into the heart of the Earth.

It will allow to you deeply anchor into a natural reference point of what it feels like to embody the fullness of all that you Are, so you can more easily recognize when you've leaned outside of your Self, gracefully sliding back in again and returning to Essence as these pathways become well lubricated through this easily accessible and relaxing practice. 

Seamlessly woven with the sonic magic that streams through the masterful musician Elijah Ray, this offering from our Essence to yours is an invitation to let go, be held and drink deeply of the nectar that is here, readily available for you to tap into and allow to flow all the way through! 


Click HERE to listen and download your

15 minute nectar oasis to 

Reset to Essence and soak in the nourishment!