Do you sense there’s more just beyond what you can see, yet it’s not quite tangible – perhaps you’ve even touched upon it in fleeting moments of unification and are not quite sure how to embody and integrate it into life? Are you feeling discontent, depleted and disoriented when you know you’re meant to live from a place that’s connected, nourished, and inspired – and you are ready to experience that with consistency? If you're saying yes to activating your latent capacities and inborn gifts in order to engage with Life in a Whole new way, from a place of true Presence, overflowing Love and generosity, then I Am here to serve you with   Ecstatic Life Support!

Discovery Dive

In this 30 minute laser Skype session, we will meet in Presence to hone in on what you are here to create and offer as your Essential contribution into the world, identify what is blocking it from emerging in its full potency, and see if I Am a resonant match to midwife you into the next phase of your embodiment with Life Support sessions. 

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Life Support Sessions

In these packages we get to cultivate a substantial One on One relationship, for you to receive intimate support in the areas of your Life that are asking to be held with Love, clarity and extra care as they are unraveled.  

As we take this deep dive together, we'll create a coherent and nourishing cocoon Field to support your transformation. I hold the mirror of Presence so steady for you to see and feel your Essence through a clear, loving and nonjudgmental reflection, allowing whatever is no longer relevant to fall away so that you can authentically realize your Wholeness and embody your full potential!

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"There are those rare beings in this world, who by the very nature of their presence, transform the particles in the air around them, inspiring all hearts in the vicinity of their gaze to suddenly find themselves passionately engaged in the moment, in a heightened state of awareness. Amber is one of those rare beings."

Elijah Ray - composer, performer, recording artist, sound healer and founder of the Band of Light (

"Any real ecstasy is a sign you are moving in the right direction, don't let any prude tell you otherwise."  ~ St. Theresa of Avila

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Ecstatic Muse VIP Experience

This immersive experience is for you if you're craving a deep infusion of inspiration, clarity, and soul quenching nourishment. If any area of your Life or current creations would be served by a potent injection of vitality, saying Yes to this intimate dive into Presence will support the melting away of anything that is causing stagnation in the creative Flow so you can rest into your sweet spot in the Zone.  

Discover how arriving into a palpably coherent field of all embracing Love and effortless grace irresistibly invites you to relax into and deeply experience your Essence, the Truth of who you are. Once you've found this reference point, Life will never Be the same...this is only for those ready for a deep dive into an ecstatic embodiment experience of exponential impact!

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“Working and being with Amber is like taking a bath in Oxytocin. The pure love and joy she exudes and shares so generously can have mind altering and life changing effects on you."  

Cass Phelps - innovative embodiment guide and author of the book "ONE" (

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Are you ready to come to the edge of the edge of what's holding you back from letting Life all the way in? There's no more time to hold back Now... the moment is Here.

Let's hold hands and jump as One!


"Amber is one of a few people who are fully ALIVE! She seems to be always in synch with the flow of life, and becomes a creative expression of the Divine. Amber has achieved mastery in her ability to open her heart to Love. She has a wealth of wisdom to share. If you are looking to unlock your latent potential and live an ecstatic life, there is no better teacher than Amber Hartnell."

Sky Blossoms - Relationship expert and #1 Bestselling Author (


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"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find 

all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."