Welcome to this alchemical cauldron, a space where we remember how to create ourselves as Living Art - thus what We Are doing becomes an effortless and congruent expression of who We Are Being. Every offering you find Here is born of my Soul's forging, as I ceaselessly plunge the depths of my humanity and lift the harvested gems up into the light, to co-inspire Us All on our journey of returning home to Essence.  

This virtual stepping stone serves as a bridge to the exquisite online portal that is currently being constructed, where I will be sharing the rich plethora of gifts ripe and ready to be offered from my heart and Soul.

Consider it a peek behind the curtain, which is about to be parted...

The first offering I'd like to make is a gift.

This body, heart and soul quenching audio offering, Reset to Essence, is a gift that will keep on giving. In it you will find a 15 minute guided journey which will support you to effortlessly dissolve and discharge tension, open to receive core level nourishment and allow Essence to more fully incarnate into your body as you ground into the heart of the Earth.

Woven with a stunning Soundscape created by master sonic alchemist Elijah Ray, giving your Self the gift of bathing in this Field will bring you right back home and able to feel the pleasure of this moment. If you're saying Yes to more nectar, please...then connect the dots below and we'll open the tap to flow more of it your way!

Reset to Essence

A gift of pure nourishment

awaits you!

Complete the Loop Here & Youre Woven In

In a chronically malnourished world, 

we need an oasis of true nourishment 

to come, drink deeply until we Are saturated,

overflowing into the world around us, 

Love filling in every nook and cranny 

where depletion has eroded vitality. 

We become a flowing oasis of Self,

spilling over with Essence,

quenching parched hearts.


Saturate in the Field of Love That is Here

Photo art credit Elijah Ray

Photo credit Mario Covic

Being the Flow

As we open to the Source of pleasure within that is always available, we discover an ever-replenishing wellspring of nourishment that is the Flow of Life. Following the sensations of pleasure always guides us deeper into our Self to the place of pure Presence, where resistance dissolves, limited habituated patterns in mind and body resolve and our nervous system balances. Here we access our coherent fluency, enabling us to Be infinitely innovative and responsive in Life's unfolding and deeply receptive to what is Here, Now.  

Photo credit Mario Covic

Evolutionary Primal

In reclaiming our naturalness, grounding deeply into our connection with the native wisdom of the body and the Earth, we empower the aspect of us that knows what it needs to be nourished, balanced and embodying its function. Aligning the body, heart and mind so that we can truly listen to this inherent wisdom and respond accordingly. Only here can Essence truly embody into Form, Spirit blending seamlessly with the physicality of our animal nature so we may thrive on all levels as Whole, integrated Beings - fully in this world, yet not of it. We Are Here; capable, graceful, and effectively shaping our experience from the inside out.

Photo credit Mario Covic

Liberated Essence

We Are fundamentally wired to Be and share Love, yet many have forgotten how to access the core of who We Are underneath the accumulated veneers of our conditioning, bumping up against and interacting from their defined edges of convincingly ingrained patterns and generations of time-tested, culturally approved restraint. We’ve been collectively domesticated, for the most part our wild and free Essential natures broken in order to comply with the way of the herd. Yet still, regardless of what Ego identities we may have cloaked our Essence with along the journey, it remains Eternally unmarred and intact at the core, awaiting our Arrival. In this moment, the invitation to return again and set our Self free is Here, in this breath...   

The Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary Experience is a 6 week dive into a Field of broadened possibilities - to bring you fully awake, engaged inside of your body, and into full contact with the moment.

Increase your response-ability to what is and activate your natural capacity to innovate through full Presence, using pleasure as the guide to bring you deeper IN,  enabling you to feel and receive more of what's here - to Be living fully turned on and vibrantly pulsing with LIFE!

Discover how Life responds when you choose to embody your extraordinary Self!   

(( The Invitation to join the experience is coming soon... ))

If you will stay close to nature, to its simplicity, to the small things hardly noticeable, those things can unexpectedly become great and immeasurable.
— Rainier Maria Rilke