Being a Pioneer of Love

I am an intrepid Pioneer of Love…passionately devoted to peeling back the moment in order to discover the deeper untold Beauty that lies beneath the surface layers of interaction. 

Incessantly curious, my endless explorations into the vast and unchartered terrain of what it Is to fully embody as Love on this planet have revealed again and again that our core Essence Is inherently Ecstatic. Boundless, graceful, innocent~ and totally turned on by Life!  

Nothing unleashes more pleasure in me than coming into full contact with the moment and finding out how much more Love can be coaxed from every encounter~ Be it a sparkling interaction with the grocery store cashier or a intimate deep dive with a Beloved. 

The pleasure comes from embodying and generously sharing what we all crave at the core; to Be seen, touched and Loved for who We really Are beneath the skins of our identities - to have our Essence recognized and invited out to play.

Rumi so succinctly hit the bulls eye when he said, "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.





Photo credit Mario Covic

Being the Flow

As we open to the Source of pleasure within that is always available, we discover an ever replenishing wellspring of nourishment that is the Flow of Life. Following the sensations of pleasure always guides us deeper into our Self to the place of pure Presence, where resistance dissolves, limited habituated patterns in mind and body resolve and our nervous system balances. Here we access our coherent fluency, enabling us to Be infinitely innovative and responsive in Life's unfolding and deeply receptive to what is Here, Now.   



Photo credit Mario Covic

Evolutionary Primal

In reclaiming our naturalness, grounding deeply into our connection with the native wisdom of the body, we empower the aspect of us that knows what it needs to be nourished, balanced and embodying its function. Aligning the body, heart and mind so that we can truly listen to this inherent wisdom and respond accordingly. Only here can Essence can truly inhabit into Form, Spirit blending seamlessly with the physicality of our animal nature so we may thrive on all levels as Whole, integrated Beings. Fully in this world, yet not of it.

Photo credit Mario Covic

Liberated Essence

We Are fundamentally wired to Be and share Love, yet many have forgotten how to access the core of who We Are underneath the accumulated veneers of our conditioning, bumping up against and interacting from their defined edges of convincingly ingrained patterns and generations of time-tested, culturally approved restraint. We’ve been collectively domesticated, for the most part our wild and free Essential natures broken in order to comply with the way of the herd. Yet still, regardless of what Ego identities we may have cloaked our Essence with along the journey, it remains Eternally unmarred and intact at the core, awaiting our Arrival.