In the most recent cycle of growth that I'm very much in the midst of, I have been arriving into a deeper union of my inner feminine and masculine aspects, discovering where I've subtly relegated power over to the external reflections of the masculine in my Life and siphoned it away from feeding my full potency.

In this enlightening excavation, I’ve recognized certain ways in which I would quickly delegate certain tasks, step down or avoid approaching them altogether because they were "not in my domain.” These domains simply Being areas in Life I'd not yet cultivated and thus felt incompetent in the face of - a feeling I have historically avoided because I was always striving for some illusory version of perfection, and if I was going to do something, I wanted to do it well or not at all.

Needless to say, this pattern has certainly been creatively debilitating at various times of my Life! 

So as I’ve been getting nice and cozy with my inner masculine, calling him forth to Be ALL IN with me, I have fallen deeply and wildly in Love with him in the process...he is incredibly sexy and capable and absolutely BLOWING my mind with what he can show up for!!! It's hot...and it keeps getting juicier as he continues showing me what MORE is possible with this much Presence activated and engaged, bringing that potency into the areas that have been neglected in any way.

One of places I had major resistance to - which he has expertly guided me into and helped me face with Presence - was around constructing a website. I know the resistance was also related to right timing, but the convincing belief that I was completely incapable of building a virtual portal because it was no where near my “domain” was holding me back in ways I didn’t even recognize until he brought me in to honestly assess this resistance.

I got that it was ripe and ready to open Now, and that he would support me to create new structures in my Life that my feminine can graceful Flow into and fill with the Beauty of Essence. That I HAD to take this first step as the bridge to the epic new structures Being created for me to serve from - empowering my capacity to build this foundation from integrated Presence, as me solidly rooting my feet into ground and claiming “I AM HERE. ALL THE WAY.”

In doing so, I’ve gotten to identify and release the lingering aspects that still had a toe out of this human experience, as my human was afraid of what might happen if I came in all the way, that I might be swallowed by the vastness of my Self. 

My inner male is assuring me from the inside out that the banks are solid, the structural support engineered with integrity and aligned to support the torrential flood of Essence that is ready to Arrive Here, Now.

So…as I feel this Truth of the support that Is already Here holding me, ever so gradually I’m opening the spigot to allow more…and more…and more of me to incarnate into Form. It’s the One journey We Are all on, and I thank you for witnessing mine as I split my Self wide open in exquisite vulnerability so that you, Life, can come in even deeper.

Since you've already been drawn Here, now you know a bit more about its formation (and wouldn't you know, after the seemingly insurmountable resistance I was up against, when the gates of Yes opened it only took 3 weeks to come into Form!), and I Whole-heartedly welcome you to the bridge portal that has emerged out of this alchemical union!

Thank you for Being Here, please come back and visit often as the spigot continues to Flow open... and Be sure to tune into the nectarous gift that awaits you HERE if you haven't already!