Hello dear One,

It's been awhile since I've written anything here or made an appearance in your inbox, as I took an extended pause from engaging the in the world of virtual connectivity to consolidate my attention into my immediately Present reality... for it has been in the midst of a radical reorganization!

These past 6 months the pace of evolution and change has been continuously accelerating, requiring an unrelenting focus like nothing I've ever known. Can you relate?!

In this time, Life has been asking me to strip down everything that is extraneous and eliminate All possible distractions in order to Be completely Present with each nano-moment, so I can more clearly perceive and respond to the radically shifting currents and remain anchored in the center of the spin that stabilizes All movement.

In the 3D, this has shown up as major changes in pretty well every major area of my Life, including moving my family's home base to southern California after 14 years in Hawaii~ which has been a massive surrender of some of my most cherished preferences, making space for something bigger than I could have imagined to emerge!  

It seems that most every One I talk to has their own version of what I've been calling the "cosmic strip search," as if Life is flipping us upside down to empty out our pockets of whatever is still holding us back and weighing us down...because all excess baggage cannot Be carried across this threshold!

The prevailing message coming through Now is for us to let it Be easy...

It simply takes letting go of whatever is still limiting us, impeding the current of Life from flowing freely through us. Where are we still resisting and holding on? Where do we feel bound and clutching for some false sense of external security in a world that is changing so rapidly?

"But HOW do I surrender resistance and embrace this mysterious unfolding of Life when I feel afraid and uncertain, insecure and exhausted by the unrelenting marathon I've been running?" 

I hear this desperate question echoed often...we long to Be able to let go and trust Life, yet our ingrained cultural programming makes it difficult to do so because we've been living in accordance within these constructs for so long. It can seem daunting to make the leap into the unknown void and Be willing to let go of the hypnotic familiarity of what we've known~ even when it is painful and we know it is holding us back. 

Yet this is what is required in order to discover the truth and aliveness that awaits just on the other side of this threshold... and the grace, joy and ease that comes when we do so is indescribably ecstatic!

Fortunately, you do not have to do this alone!

Although it is a very personal journey, it's much easier and way more fun when we are well supported by a community that is anchoring in a shared Field of resonance together, for we are immensely held and lifted by each other! 

My path in this Life has guided me into deeply cultivating the dynamics of active surrender in the face of All that arises in my experience of Life, discovering how to truly embrace everything and resist nothing~revealing the grace and synchronicity that unleashes when this is taken beyond an ideal concept and chosen All the way through, Be-coming fully embodied. 

Currently, Life is asking me to step up to the next level of my service and offer this embodied wisdom that is streaming through me, for the benefit of All who are so ready to surrender to the Design of Life, remembering and embodying what is most natural and true. 

Until Now, I've served more exclusively through my One on One client relationships and courses... which, inevitably, limits who can receive these downloads that are constantly coming through this channel.

Although I will still continue offering these services, as it is my joy to do so, I've been feeling the undeniable pull from within~ to make my Self more consistently accessible for every One else who is unable to work with me in this way (since I have yet to unlock the secrets of bi-locating!).

Hence, I Am utterly delighted to share with you what is Being borne of this inspiration!

Embodied Resonance

Monthly Attunement Sessions

You can Now join me once a month for these group attunements from where ever you are, either via live webcast or by phone! The calls consist of an hour long experiential journey and transmission, where we will converge in a shared Field of resonance to support our mutual awakening.

You'll Be guided to plug in and synch up with the energetic circuits you're already designed with, allowing more of the ecstatic Life current to conduct through you, gaining access to All that's available when you broaden your sensorial range beyond the limits of your 5 physical senses and open into your multidimensional nature.

To find out more about this offering, simply click the link link above.  

I've set this up as an open structure, enabling you the freedom to choose whether you want to subscribe and automatically receive the calls and recordings every month, or simply join in as you feel called to each month!

I invite you to join me and the diverse global community of Beings that are unifying in Love and anchoring in a coherent Field together to support our mutual awakening. 

If you're feeling the call, please come dive in with us and release into the rising evolutionary tide that is lifting us All as One and experience the exquisite ecstasy that IS Here awaiting your arrival!

I hope to see you in the Field!

With boundless Love and an Eternal embrace,


PS... Is there any One you know who might resonate with this invitation, and who could really use this uplifting boost of support in their Life right Now? Please do share if you care!