Coaxed by the insistent light of the Sun, the enclosed flower bud gracefully unfurls its silky petals to be caressed by the luminous rays, kissed by the warmth, and bloomed open in its fullness.  Resplendent in its radiant Beauty, it becomes irresistibly magnetic, drawing unto itself a richly abundant array of appreciative admirers as it offers itself open to Life. 

Bees nuzzle into its golden pollen, birds partake of its sweet nectar, and passersby pause to bask in its glorious fragrance or vibrant hues. A flower is inherently seductive, making no attempt to capture attention by trying to prove itself in any way—it simply IS, inviting Life to come closer to delight its naturally alluring beauty. 

It doesn’t bloom to get attention, or question whether it is worthy of receiving it, nor does it make any attempt to grasp hold of the attention that is given. A flower blooms purely for the sake of blooming—because it is aligned with its Design. Rooted in its naturalness, its purpose is fulfilled in its very existence without needing anything else to validate its worth and place in this world.  

Nature, by its very nature, operates in relational context, as All Life is interdependent relationships embedded within every level of existence; our entire reality is inherently alchemical. The self-organizing principles of Nature are intrinsically intelligent, synergetic, fluidly dynamic, perpetually emergent, inter-relational, and profoundly beautiful—by Design.

Opening to the Beloved is ultimately an Arrival into our most natural state of Being, into the experience of Wholeness we find when we rest into our core. Aligning with our inherent Design, we allow the Nature of Life to bloom us open from the inside out as the petals of Essence unfurls its magnificence, offering this Love as an effortless expression of who We really Are.  

To gain access to this state of Being, it takes dropping beneath the dense layers of cultural conditioning, which have falsely imprinted an idea of Love as a commodity that’s intimately associated with our value.

As such, Love is regarded as something to be pursued, earned, traded, used for leverage, and held onto at all costs—while the fear of loosing it looms forebodingly overhead. We’ve been led to believe the falsehood that Love is something that comes from outside of us, which is 180 degrees away from the truth.

When we are able to rest down and through these distorted interpretations of Love into the naturalness of our Being, confusion is resolved in the direct experience of who We really Are…which IS Love—Eternally emerging, infinitely enfolding, pulsating at the heart of every particle which has organized into this form that we inhabit. 

We are Essence in a body, the Beloved in form; when we open to the Beloved, We Are opening into our truest nature, allowing it to Be and Flow freely.

As we come into deeper contact with the Presence that resides inside this skin, drawing inward to receive the fullness of our Self, the Beauty of Essence begins to enfold us back into the heart of what matters. When we arrive here into the uncontrived Truth of who We Are, we discover an ever replenishing well of nourishment that Flows forth from the depths of our Being. Drinking deeply and saturating in the nourishment of Source, our internal cup is filled to the brim, and so it is that the Love we share is able to Be offered from the overflow of our Being.

In this living alchemy, we recognize that opening to the Beloved fundamentally starts within, by embodying a deeply authentic connection to the Love that We Are without requiring any external validation. From this alignment with our Essence, we naturally gift and uplift All we come into contact with through our mere Presence, seeing and relating with everything that crosses our path as a reflection of the Beloved and an opportunity to wholly engage in our exchange with Life. 

The Beloved is in a continual dance of exchange with itself—through us, as us, creating the perfect conditions for the One that We Are to know itself more fully. How perfectly Nature’s Design unfolds through this relational dance, in the alchemy of two entities coming together to create a third energetic dynamic—forming a connection in which they inextricably alter One another, often in untold and exponential ways.

At times, the most growth inducing conditions may appear in the form of reflections that challenge and rub us like abrasive sandpaper in order to smooth out the coarse aspects of our humanity, while others serve to polish us with exquisite adoration that further exposes the Beauty within.

Embracing every moment in the totality of this dance, whether it Be preferred or not, Life invites us to drink it All in, use it as fuel for growth and exude it as the Love that IS at the heart of everything.

Imagine living as if everything that is drawn into our experience is here to bloom us open wider, while Being bloomed by us into a fuller expression. Just as the Sun indiscriminately shines its rays, or a flower unhesitatingly spreads itself open to Life and welcomes what arrives—what if we were to greet each moment free from resistance to what is, completely embracing whatever is here with full Presence and a willingness to engage in the natural exchange that's wanting to occur?

To consider approaching Life from this vantage point, the question naturally arises—how can we Be safe opening completely and welcoming of whatever comes our way; what if what’s Present is something that’s potentially harmful or something we really don’t want to open to? How do I relate with and embrace the Beloved in these reflections?

This requires that we disengage from our defensive reactions and dive deeper below the surface of what is obvious in the interaction, with a willingness to take total responsibility for everything that arises in our experience—acknowledging there is an exchange on some level wanting to occur. Recognizing that no matter how extreme the conditions may Be, it can all Be used to catalyze growth and reveal more of what we're capable of as We Are stretched beyond our edges.

As Rainer Maria Rilke so beautifully expressed, “Only someone who is ready for everything, who doesn't exclude any experience, even the most incomprehensible, will live the relationship with another person as something alive, and will himself sound the depths of his own being.”  

Our willingness to Be radically vulnerable, turning towards and facing into the experience of intensity—whether it’s pleasure, pain or anywhere on the spectrum in between—is what the Beloved asks of us.

It is a willingness to die every mini death that it takes to let go of what holds us back from opening to Life, broadening our sensorial range and capacity to feel everything deeply, allowing it to carve out and change us in all the ways necessary for us to continue blooming into ever greater fullness.

Opening up to this level of surrender feels like annihilation because it is—it requires the fearful aspects of our humanity that impede the Flow of Love to Be swallowed Whole in this alchemical process of transmutation.  

Allowing this current of Life to flow freely through our body activates an irrepressible evolutionary impulse that encourages us to stretch open beyond that which we’ve known—asking us to forsake the hypnotic comforts of familiarity, safety, or assurance—and surrender into the free fall of the Beloved’s fathomless depths to know our infinitely stable core.  

It is here—aligned with and embodying our true nature, uninhibited by fear and spread open to meet Life from a state of Wholeness—that Nature’s organizing principles can gracefully unfold through us. When operating wholly, we are nothing less than alchemy embodied in form; resting in the magnetism of our Being and merged with the Beloved, Life becomes an ever emergent relational dance of discovery and delight.

When aligned, and not resistant, to Nature’s design, we enter into the dynamically creative Flow of Life that allows us to see and experience the Beloved alive within the heart of All. This perspective reveals the All-pervasive connection and unfathomable purpose underlying everything, All of it weaving in perfect orchestration, with the Field of pure potentiality unfolding itself through us as fractals of the Whole.

Taking our cues from Nature we remember to root into our naturalness, utilizing the available elements that surround us, and that are drawn into our experience. From this fundamental alignment with Life’s design, like a flower we bloom into the fullest expression of who we are here to Be in this alchemical dance of creation, contributing the Beauty of our Essence as a blessing to All of Life.