My mantra as of late is; "Life, have your way with me...I willingly surrender it all up. Carve me out and change me in all the ways required for the fullness of all that I Am to incarnate Here, Now."

With every breath, I Am Here to serve this One collective birth that we are in the midst of. Embodying the depths of surrender into the core of my Being, infinitely resting into the inherent intelligence of the Design that is in-forming every breath, every movement, from the inside out. 

Life is asking me to release my most cherished preferences for this moment, in order to allow for something bigger than I can imagine from this current vantage point. Leaning in, I let go and let the fabric of space hold me, morph me, dance me in new and wonder-full ways...the trust that is required right Now to truly embody this is outrageously radical and exhilarating! 

I feel you, Beloveds, for We Are One. Not One person I know is sliding down this birth canal without being squeezed in some way by challenging Life conditions. Yet the pain does not have to equal suffering; when we drop beneath the stories of "why" we are hurting and Be willing to fully feel the pain, it becomes an exquisite opportunity to become ALERT within our Self, awakening us into our experience of Wholeness.

Shattering the comfortable (or not so comfortable, yet familiar) holding patterns, stripping the ill-fitting garments of Ego, releasing our preferences for anything other than what Is...we discover a sense of true liberation as there is more s p a c e for Essence to inhabit this form. 

Sweet humans, may we be so generous in our Love, compassion and understanding for One another, holding each other with tender care through these precious and precarious times. Treating every One we encounter as if we are their midwife and they are in the peak of labor - and simultaneously softening through the layers to reveal our vulnerable hearts that want to be witnessed and held in Love like a newborn baby - even (and especially when) it's scary to do so. 

The illusory walls between "you" and "I" are crumbling, and the One that animates Us All is awakening within every particle.

Can you breath that all the way in, allowing the gravitational force at the heart of every particle to pull you in deeper, condensing the light of your awareness into full potency - Here and Now, in your body? Are you willing to sit with any discomfort that will inevitably arise and breath through it, feeling deeply and authentically what Is Here? I invite you to try it and witness what you find...

We've got this - We Are Designed for this! When all else fails, the breath of Life continues to carry Us through...

I Love US.