Art credit Mark Henson

I Exist
As an open invitation of Love
Come closer, Beloved…
Resistance is futile, 

As it will inevitably be melted 
In this All embracing 
Infinitely patient 

Bring it if you must, 
Yet ready yourself for its demise
As it is devoured Whole
Returning, once again, 
To Love.

We can Play this game for an Eternity
And oh, we have…

Edges meeting edges
Searching for the locked door 
This One Key opens
So false walls 
Held up by Illusory beliefs 
Come tumbling down

Laughing in the face of Ego’s 
Feeble attempts to deny
Love’s Presence
While cradling its constructs
So very tenderly

Kissing the tears that spill forth
From Eons of pain
Born of forgetting

So we may experience the Ecstasy
Of Remembering Union 
Once again



Breath as Prayer

Art credit Hiroyuki Saton

I Am precipitating Presence into every breath... allowing every exhale to be a death of all that preceded this moment,

Suspending in the bottomless depths of the Void that follows before Life rushes in to fill the cavernous space with vibrant new In-spiration,

Pausing at the peak of its inflow to fully absorb the flood of nourishment before giving it all back again.

In this offering of Breath as Prayer,

May we remember the Ecstasy of willingly surrendering to the streams of Love issuing forth from the Great Central Sun that orchestrate the dance of every particle, 

Thus aligning with the Design to Live as embodied expressions of this Love ((o))

Re-Formed by Rapture

The Flow of Love rushes and gushes through
A Passionate torrent reorganizing the 
Landscape of Neurology

Pleasurable sensation spills the banks
Flooding trodden paths of ingrained response
Displacing dilapidated beliefs
Clearing hazardous overgrowth

Ecstasy makes way for coherent architecture
Re*Patterning in the likeness of Love
Laying tracks and building bridges of Beauty
Generating Forms that support Life
Unfurling its natural splendor

Restoring Truth as In*Former
Regenerating generations of Distortion
Ancient lineages ameliorated
Reconciled in Wholeness

Soul splayed open in devotional Surrender
The inherent Divine Blueprint reveals its Brilliance
Past imprints pale as Rapture Reigns Supreme

Flight of Delight


Heart wings spread wide open
Unveiling new horizons
Once again I take flight ~
Crossing an ocean of possibilities
As vast as the star studded sky

The cocoon has burst open and 
A thousand butterflies are dancing 
In my belly~ fluttering in my heart~
And vying for my voice to 
Transmit the miracle of this 
One Eternal Life…
Ever birthing itSelf anew in each 

How Is not Known, nor need it Be. 
T r u s t … We Are born for this. 
It’s all In Here, 
Insisting on its Emergence.
Change Is the only constant~

Resistance is ultimately futile,
Unnecessarily agonizing, 
As Life always finds a way
To wear it back down 
Reaching the permeable membrane 
Where Surrender is inevitable.

Here, All Is Grace…
L O V E In*Forms All.
We reclaim our Birthright~ 

To Be Ecstatic portals of 
Creation continuously discovering 
And delighting in ItSelf through itSelf, 
As Us…

Revealing ever more 
Beauty at the heart of All Life ~;~



Lovers in the Night

Photo credit Michael Shainblum

New Moon exposes vast starry expanses
                                              Milky Way pours creamy nectar                                                  Down the curvature of Her atmospheric skin

Drinking it all the way in
She exudes a sigh of pure pleasure,
                                           The scent of Night Blooming Jasmine                                             Heavy on Her breath
                                                        Rising to kiss the stars                                                         Alit with Her delight

Wholly intoxicated I Am
                                                     Suddenly swept into this                                                        Ecstatic union of Lovers
                                          Cosmos and Gaia merging in a dance                                              Of Beauty illuminating Beauty

                                                 We pulse and throb as One                                                   In the Light of Night
                                                     Where Darkness reveals                                                      What Brightness conceals