*6 month One on One deep dive with me

*Held within a Field...

*In person initiatory portal, including 2 full days and 3 nights

*1-hour Skype session every other week

Reflections of Love: 

(Jody England)

From the moment I was introduced to Amber, there was a deep stirring in my cells. A kind of Aliveness I didn’t yet have words for.

As a master energy healer and shaman, I don’t often come across Beings who are compelling in this way, so I was instantly intrigued.

And over the years we have worked together, I continue to be awed by the vast spectrum of gifts this woman embodies.

Amber has met me in my most tender and guarded human places and my most expansive galactic Soul places.

She gracefully unfolds her Self in a way that Meets Me in every conceivable possibility.

Whether processing trauma, cocooning into quantum rest, awakening parts of my body and nervous system from disconnect and slumber, or masterfully facilitating an epic evolutionary breakthrough… I’ve yet to experience something this woman can’t do.

She is unlike any human being I have ever experienced.

Love incarnate, with a seemingly infinite well spring of energy and Presence.

You will know you are meant to work with her when you feel that tingling awakeness from the depth of your Soul Self.

Don’t wait for it to make sense. She defies logic, and reason is obsolete with This One.

Say Yes.

She will be waiting for you there.