Nourishing Nectar for Neurotransmitter Nirvana

(All quantities are approximations intended to serve as general guidelines, laying a foundation for your inspiration and intuition to adjust ingredients according to your individual needs~ eliminate or add as you see fit!)


*4-6 cups brewed tea (guyausa, chaga {my favorite combo}, yerba mate, nettle, herbal blend, etc)

*In a Vitamix (or equally powerful blender), add:

*2-4 Tbs hemp seeds

*1 Tbs maca

*1 Tbs tocotrienols

*1 Tbs Dandy Blend

*1 Tbs cacao powder

*1 tsp medicinal mushroom blend

*½ tsp mucuna pruriens

*1 tsp He Shou Wu

*1 Tbs MCT oil powder

*1 Tbs ghee (or cacao butter if vegan)

*1 Tbs collagen peptides

(eliminate ghee and collagen if vegan)

* sweeten with a combination of honey/stevia/ or monkfruit to taste

(additional optional boosters)

*½ tsp ashwaghanda

*½ tsp shatavari

*1-2 Tbs “Bag of Tricks” adaptogen blend

*⅛ tsp shilajit

*Blend ingredients with 2 cups of brewed tea until smooth and creamy, add remaining tea and blend until frothy. Serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon swirled into a spiral for a cosmic rainbow tea blast off into your well-fueled day!