I'm so delighted you've come

to receive the gift that is here for you...


May it serve to inspire and nourish your body, heart and Soul, as a permission slip to pause from all that requires your output of attention and energy~ turning your senses inward to drink of the wellspring of Life force that is abundantly available for you, awaiting your arrival and receptivity.

For these 13 timeless minutes, you get to let your roles and responsibilities rest aside, while you cultivate your relationship with your Self as a woman~ first and foremost...

A woman worthy of receiving everything you need from the inside out, grounding into your body, connecting with the current of Life flowing through you and filling your inner cup straight from Source, so you can overflow your natural radiance into the world around you, engaging Life with your full Presence~ rather than operating from a deficient state of stress, overwhelm or resentment. 

Ready to dive in? 

This simple, easily accessible and highly effective practice is One of many that I created for a 4 week course offered earlier this year in collaboration with my dear sister Ariel White.  This comprehensive course is called Essential Pleasure: 4 Weeks to Becoming Your Own Best Lover ~  if you wish to learn more about this intensive deep dive into claiming Pleasure as your birthright and discovering how it can turn on every aspect of your Life, click on the link and tune it...and if you are feeling the unmistakable tingling of YES, you can be in touch at the bottom of the Essential Pleasure page to find out when our next enrollment opens in January!

Ready for more?

If you're enjoying what you've found here thus far, I invite you to join me and the diverse global community of Beings that are unifying in Love and building a shared Field of resonance together... come in deeper and experience the rising evolutionary tide that is lifting us All as One!

And as another gift for you as a member of the SPOT community, I'd like to offer you a special code to receive 50% off of One of my monthly Embodied Resonance Attunement live calls; simply enter the code SPOT at the checkout to receive this discount! 

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When you enter your email address into the box below, you will receive another guided audio experience I've created, called Reset to Essence ~  and you'll then Be connected to the stream of inspiration that is pouring through this channel, discovering what's emerging through our collective Field as I do!

Also, as a special offer for those of you mothers who may Be hanging on by a thread, or are simply wanting to upgrade the way you mother and relate with Life, period~ I Am opening 6 spots for personalized One on One sessions with me for November. 

In this hour long session, which takes place via Skype, you get my full Presence laser focused on you~ supporting you in any area of your Life that needs attention and is ready for a greater experience of alignment. As yet another gift for the juicy mother's of this community, you will get to receive your session for the discounted rate of $250 (normally $300)! 

To apply, simply reply to this email with the title MAMA UPGRADE in the subject heading; spaces filled on a first come, first served basis!

Thank you for Being, Here...

I hope you'll choose to return again and again!